Public Liability Claims

We are highly successful in pursuing compensation for public liability claims on behalf of our clients. Public liability claims are claims where accidents have occurred in public place. These accidents could have happened in areas or property that are owned and maintained by the local authority or by private individuals or companies.

Public liability claims can be made for a number of reasons and some of the most common ones include:

  1. Badly maintained floors or pavements;
  2. Hazardous substances being left exposed;
  3. Shattered or broken glass in public places;
  4. Inhalation of chemical fumes or smoke; and
  5. Slips and trips.

If you have been injured within the past 3 years then you could be entitled to compensation which we can help you obtain.
Our team of specialist solicitors have many years of experience in representing our clients on complex public liability claims and can advise on a wide range of them.

Should you think that you have a public liability claim then please contact us on 01274 924200 or email us at and a member of our public liability team will contact you.

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How do I make a claim?

If an accident occurs it is important that this is reported to a person with authority. As an example if the accident occurs in a store then you should notify the store manager, if the accident happens within a fairground then a fairground manager or at a park then the park warden. They will then make a note of the accident within their accident book and you should take a copy of this.
If you need medical treatment as a result of the accident then you should keep a thorough record of this.
It is important to contact us straight away whilst the accident is still recent so that the details you can recall are vivid as these are of the utmost important when we bring a claim on your behalf.

What compensation will I receive?

Each case is different and our specialist solicitors will be able to advise you once you have called us. However, the claim for compensation includes compensation for general damage for pain, suffering and loss of amenity and also any special damages.

Will I have to attend Court?

Many of our files are settled out of Court. However, in some instances then attendance at Court will be necessary but our specialist solicitors will guide you through the process.

Who will pay my compensation?

The compensation will be paid by the public liability insurer of the person or organisation whom the claim is made against. By law all business and organisations must have public liability cover to protect them against any claims.

How much will making a claim cost?

Many of our cases are undertaken as “no win, no fee” and therefore there is no upfront cost to our clients. In some instances some of our clients have legal expenses insurance which may cover them. However, if you would like us to work on a no win no fee basis then we will obtain an insurance policy that is designed to protect you. Please call us for a more detailed explanation of the process.